According to Strava, I was comfortably past my running distance goal of 400 miles for all of 2018. I show a total of just over 412 miles, which is great, and just a little more than last year.<br />n<br />n<!– s9ymdb:84 –><img width=’387′ height=’182′ style=”border: 0px; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;” src=”” alt=”my goal results” /><br />n<br />nI’ve had that same 400 mile goal for two years now, and it seems comfortable enough. The stretch goal for my running aspirations is in the weekly. There, I have a weekly goal of 12 miles, which I sometimes hit. It’s not physically difficult, but usually amounts to an issue of time: Do I have the time to do it this week?<br />n<br />nIf I were to hit my 12 mile week for the entire year, then assuming 52 weeks a year, I would hit about 624 miles in a year.<br />n<br />nBut again, 400 miles for the year is comfortable, and very much doable. So congrats to me!