I got a call this afternoon from a number which my phone displayed as coming from Baltimore. Maryland. Not sure why I picked it up, but I did, fully expecting yet another spam call.

As usual with these calls, when I do answer them, I used my standard Jing Hau! greeting. On the other end, I heard a lady say Sorry, I only speak English, so I said, Hi.

She went on to inform me that she’s been getting a couple calls from this (my) number and ask why have I been calling her. OMG, I thought; my number’s been used as the From number for spam calls to her.

She went on to ask if I was part of a business trying to sell something, or what. I knew exactly what was going on, so I explained to her that I am a regular person, this is my regular personal phone number and I’m not part of any business. And that I wasn’t calling her. She didn’t understand the concept of spam calls, so I had to explain it to her, and that I get them all the time, too. In fact, that’s why I answer with my Jing Hau greeting!

I advised her to put my number on her blocked list so she wouldn’t get calls from “me” anymore, because chances are good that I would probably never call her again, ever. She finally appeared to understand what I was telling her, and I wished her a good evening, as I was thinking I should be wishing her a good life, since I’ll probably never speak to her again.

Yep, spam calls are a problem to everyone, no matter where you are.