Category: Backyard Bird Watching

  • Lesser Goldfinch

    Today dining at the bird feeder was Yellow Breasted Lesser Goldfinch<br />n<br />n<br />n<br />n<img src=”” alt=”” />

  • Black-capped chickadees

    Today I noticed the Black-capped chickadee in our backyard, feasting on our Pinecone birdfeeder.<br />n<br />nThis is a very small cute bird, apparently it’s mating season here in California<br />n<a href=”” title=”Black-Capped Chickadee Image”>Black-Capped Chickadee Image</a><br />n<br />n<img src=”” alt=”” />

  • Nuthalls Woodpecker

    This morning we found this Woodpecker in our Redwood Tree. <br />n<br />nNuthalls Woodpecker<br />n<br />n<a href=”” title=”Nuthalls Woodpecker Image”>Nuthalls Woodpecker Image</a><br />n<br />n<img src=”” alt=”” />

  • Yellow Rumped Warble

    Today we noticed a Yellow Rumped Warble in our backyard. Very cool to see. <br />n<br />n<br />n<a href=”” title=”Yellow Rumped Warble Image”>Yellow Rumped Warble Image</a><br />n<br />n<img src=”” alt=”” />

  • American Red Robin

    Today an American Red Robin arrived in our backyard. This is the first time we noticed it. <br />n<br />nIt has grey/brown back with dark head and tail, brick red belly and a ring of dotted white spots around the eyes.<br />n<br />n<a href=”” title=”American Red Robin Image”>American Red Robin Image</a><br />n<br />n<img src=”” alt=””…