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  • Caller ID Callback

    I got a call this afternoon from a number which my phone displayed as coming from Baltimore. Maryland. Not sure why I picked it up, but I did, fully expecting yet another spam call. As usual with these calls, when I do answer them, I used my standard Jing Hau! greeting. On the other end,…

  • Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets

  • SJAA Speaker March 2011

    The San Jose Astronomical Association had its general meeting yesterday, and featured a returning speaker from NASA. His topic was about robotic lunar explorations.<br />n<br />n<a href=”” title=”event write up”>Here is my write up</a> about the event.

  • recurrent epithelial erosion

    <a href=”” title=”recurrent epithelial erosion on wikipedia”>Recurrent epithelial erosion</a> hurts. It’s no fun. Take care of your built-in cranial photon sensors.<br />n<br />

  • Chipper Shredder

    I’ve had a deal with the next door neighbors. They worked it out with some neighbors behind us to take down a large, imposing tree that affected all three of our properties. In return, I would find and secure a chipper shredder for both of us to use; in fact, we’d co-own it.<br />n<br />nWhy…

  • Hello World

    This is our first test post to the JaworskiHouse blog. It won’t last long since it’s all just one big experiment so far.<br />n<br />nWish us luck!